About Us

vetmemUnited Veterans was founded in 1987 on one primary principal – to serve our nation’s veterans in their time of need. United Veterans has been dedicated to the support and service of our country’s veterans for over 20 years. The services provided by United Veterans are without any cost to our Veterans or their family.

So many of our veterans have returned home after serving our country; victims of  addictions as well as homelessness. Regardless of reasons that have caused their circumstances, each veteran deserves our respect and support. As with any illness recovery time varies, therefore United Veterans places no time limit on the length of stay. The services however basic are simply necessities of life; Food, Clothing and Shelter. In addition encouragement to use their life skills is paramount for their recovery as well as their future.

We appreciate your 100% Tax Deductible donation of usable household items, real estate, automobiles, travel trailers, as well as monetary contributions. United Veterans is 100% self supportive with no governmental funding or assistance. Your contributions enable United Veterans to continue the support of our Nations’ Veterans.

Thank you for your support!